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Orations from Chub Lover



My Faith (My Humps Remix) - Good Christian Children


This is the most DISGUSTING thing i have ever seen in my entire life. These parents should be locked up for brainwashing these kids.

First of all, the irony in them using a song about a particular part of a woman’s anatomy, to create this monstrosity, then to talk about 3 things they know nothing of. I give you this:

Whatcha gonna do with those Atheist?
All those pagan Atheist?

I’m gonna set, set, set them free
Make them Christian just like me

My faith, my faith
my faith, my faith, my faith

My faith, my faith, my faith
My righteous holy faith.

(check it out)

We go to church every Sunday
It our own little fun day

We pray to Jesus Christ
And we learn how to be nice, nice

Matthew and Hosiah
Romans and Judea

Fathers got me calmin
And the Bible got me solving

You don’t need evolution
It’s just not the solution

Nothing could be finer
than Intelligent Designer

Until you stop you hate
In an Atheist debate

Creation is negate -in
And I’ll keep on demonstrate -in

In my faith, my faith
my faith, my faith, my faith

My faith, my faith, my faith
My true undying faith.

My faith, my faith, my faith
My faith has got you

(it’s got me praying)

Oooo, praying to my savior Jesus
to my lord Jesus

(I wont be straying)

OOOO one time Im just sayin, I’m stayin.

First off, Atheist are not Pagan, and Pagans are not all Atheist. To use this is like saying all Christians believe in the pope.

Second. You are gonna set them free? How? I will tell you how, by making them feel like sinners and guilt them into believing your crap. Then trap them into believing that there is some prize at the end for ignoring their human instincts.

Third. Church is fun for kids, they learn about myths, 5 billion animal species fitting into the insestual love boat. Then Salt people, then Egyptian slaves, then a magical man who changes everything. Easy, but really? Really? Learn how to be nice? How about “Learn how to hate” for that is what Religion does, hate.

Fourth. Come on, Intelligent Design has been proven to be a mask for Religion in schools. Dinosaurs did not live with man. The Earth is not 6000 years old. Yeah let’s ignore SCIENTIFIC evidence and just believe that a book written by uneducated people is reality. Atheist don’t have to debate you, we already have real evidence, not mythological stories. Evolution is real, and your diversion tactics of using the wrong definition of “theory” to try to debunk is useless to all but your own ignorant kind.

Finally, religion is a virus. These two kids have been infected. They cannot be cured as long as the host (parents) are invloved. This virus has shut down the natural process which causes us to question everything and ask for real answers. This virus slowly infiltrates through the tooth fairy, easter bunny and santa clause, it uses imaginary dream people to carve out the system in which it must survive, children believe what they are told.

This Virus is the single most dangerous infection facing our species. It has gone on for thousands of years. The hardest part is convincing the infected to get help. They will hold onto the virus with words such as “Faith. Freedom, Family” and usurp the words “Love, Peace, Harmony”. For this virus infects the logical part of the brain, and there it lies till death.

If you want to help cure our planet of this disease… read. Understand the difference between fiction and non-fiction, reality and fantasy. Then demand that you get concrete evidence, not the virus’ usual “Because God Said So”, for that is the path of infection.

Please help us fight this menace. Don’t let your children become victims of ignorance and myth.

If you know someone who is infected, please write to your nearest bookstore for the following prescriptions:

#1. The God Delusion by Dr. Richard Dawkins

#2. Letter to a Christian Nation by Dr. Sam Harris

#3. Misquoting Jesus by Dr. Bart D. Ehrman

and for those really bad infected you may need a dose of:

#4. The Bible Against Itself by Randel Helms.

Thank you for your time, please help us save our species for the future of our children.


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